Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What do I get?
A: Members area includes full access to all photos and video. No hidden additional charges whatsoever.

Q:How much does membership cost?
US$21.95 per month. Cancel anytime, and your password is valid through the month.

Q:How many photos?
A: A ton. Hundreds of sets. All bondage, always pantyhosed, all cute girls, all original. Two new scenes every week.

Q:How much video?
Again, a LOT. 4-5 new clips is each week. An average scene includes 3-15 minutes of video. Our videos inspire a lot of membership loyalty--if you like pantyhose or bondage, you will be very glad you came in.

Q:How can I cancel?
A: There is an option to look up and cancel your subscription on the join page. No hassles, takes less than a minute.

Q:Can I see the latest updates before joining?
A: The preview section is not stagnant, it is updated with new samples every single weekend. Take a look, you won't find content like this anywhere else, promise.

Q:Do you accept requests? Custom work?
A: Yep.

Q:There's lots of bondage out there. Lots of pantyhosed girls. Why join ConversationPiece?
A: Here, you will find a fetish for inescapable bondage that is truly focused, shared with the viewer, and presented in creative ways. Ditto for the pantyhose side of things. Hours are spent preparing for every shoot. After a model leaves, hours more are spent tweaking, editing, and thinking about the next outing. Wallace Stevens said that each poem writes the next. Same for bondage play. :)

Sometimes you'll see really quirky roleplay, sometimes you'll see more genuine experiences. Sometimes there's banter and outtake scenes, other time we jump right into lots of bondage. With every update, you'll see something--whether a major concept, or some nuance--that you haven't seen before. Oh, and not to mention... some of the best girl-next-door models anywhere.

Q:What's with all the white people?
A:There is a strong push for diversity in our local communtiy, yet the demographics for our area are over 90% caucasian. We can only work with who applies. Would it were otherwise-- and hey if you know any ethnically diverse models, send them our way!


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